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Height Of Modern Technology
Apologies for the lack of recents logs, a sudden scare at the weekend involving my online savings account nearly messed up my entire Glasgow break. An accidental double-click transfered twice the amount than I had planned to and left me with a big gapping overdraft. Had to use some emergency plugging to get me right although I await the dreaded bank charges. As it happens it did affect what I could and couldn't do a bit but all in all I had an enjoyable time spending time with my old University friend Dave. It was good to catch up with him. Meeting Duglas from the BMX Bandits was as always a pleasure. Also had the company of his wife Mikdori (I think that's how it's spelt) and adorable full of energy daughter Rhonda. Rhonda is the sort of child that makes you want to have children even. She spent a lot of time talking about Pokemón and practicing the moves of a X-Box fighting game on Duglas.

The weather throughout the weekend was fabulous and even the trains were running on time. I did notice that the new sooper-dooper Virgin trains were all that more cramped than the old ones. I think I prefer the old not looking quite as futuristic but a bit smelly style.

So back to my endless sorting out my things to move task again. I think I'm getting there, but seem to have a little more to do everyday. Okay back to list of CD's and records that I have yet to listen to. I was very good this weekend and only got one record (Damien Jurado's 'Gathered In Song').


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