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See the rivers filled with rain
Okay so Michael Owen scored a hat-trick but did you see the sloppiness of Manchester City's defence? What a mess, guess in the end you need a bit of luck. Happy for Liverpool but angry at City.

Popped over to Bristol to see a creative digital exhibition by people in the South-West region at Watershed. Although fairly small in size, some of the animation, multimedia presentations of information was extremely impressive. More so being on the new iMacs. By far the best bit was the interactive piece developed using money from the Clark Digital Bursary, a piece call Ghosts. It was projected on one side of the wall displaying an ever growing whirlpool of words. Participants entered sentences to be submitted into the whirlpool and it was added to the spiral in real time. The camera pans, zooms and jumps into the structure for ever. I could have sat and watched it for hours. Really impressive use of multimedia to create collaborative art work. You can read about the Ghost project here


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