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Oh no, the smell of vinyl is creeping out
Let's see not much happening today, managed to miss the bus to Newton Park when attempting to go to the University to have a wander around. Anyway after a lot of talking with my new house mate it was found that PCGE students get a shed load of money, tuition fees paid, student loans etc to do. I'm going to be the skintest person in this entire house eating into my savings like nobody's business. Should think about changing my course. Teaching, although quite stressful a lot of the times does has it's perks and an almost guaranteed job. There's a nice local market up here too in the car park of Bath City Football Club.

Actually found a few good record shops in town and also missed Tendertrap which is Amelia Fletcher's (Talluah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research) new band. They are meant to be more power poppier so would have liked to have seen them. Let's hope more bands come down this way.


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