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It's awfully lonely here
I am amazed that Malcolm Middleton, guitarist from Arab Strap came to the Fopp shop in Bath to do a acoustic set to promote his new album 5:14 Fluxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine. Malcolm sings very much like Aiden (singer from Arab Strap) but actually sings rather than a drunken mumble. He did a good set but much of it was depressing and lonely. A lot of it probably based on real life, stripped down it took on a more personal meaning from the versions on the album. He signed my copy of the album, putting his scrawl on the picture of Aiden's arse.

Here is the press release for the record :

"The character clown is unmistakable: he usually dresses like a tramp; has a greyish-black, uneven beard painted over a reddish face; a white mouth; red nose and pathetic, soulful eyes. His clothes are too large and frequently tattered and torn, often with strips held together by safety pins. There is an air of hopelessness about him...nothing in his act ever seems to turn out right as he strolls in bewilderment around the sawdust arena.
The least famous tramp clown of all is Malcolm Middleton, who in 2001 conceived and first began to perform the role of Crappo The Clown. As a character, Crappo is an extraordinary clown, a dull and shite comic, highly insensitive to the social and political climate, whose H+M clothing and Duff shoes gained him great popularity as he delighted the kiddies around Glasgow at The Old Fruit Market, 13th Note, Nice 'n' Sleazy's and The Woodside Social Club."

New series of The League Of Gentlemen started today and it's change in format made it more darker and grim. They also don't have the fake audience laughter too with cut scenes of the local life. It's alright but I felt sad for some of the characters(Pauline, Mickey) who you laughed at in previous series.

More games of Perudo with housemates, I find I'm better under the influence of alcohol.


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