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Sunday nonsence
So Sunday's eh, usually for me a time for catching up on the rest of the week. Reading the old newspapers, budgeting, reading books, doing a bit design work etc. Anyway as I usually hardly watch any television at all especially on a Sunday I was surprised by the amount of dire drama being shown. I watch the Midsummer Murders which was quite bad in it's very traditional way of solving a murder case, but the twist was the guy who murdered people used a massive spoon to wallap them on the head. What a genius of a script writer.

Interesting story about the politician who fell into an argument over his dog not being on a leash or with a muzzle with some locals. He decided to throw a hand grenade at them, unluckily the dog was obedient enough to retrieve for it's owner and ended up blowing the politician and the dog up. Sad for the dog but a winner for the common people.

Talking of silly, I brought some storage boxes which were on offer then when I got home found I didn't really have much stuff to store away. So now they are being used as speaker stands. Roll on tomorrow.


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