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Lots going through my mind and my course hasn't started yet
Can't believe it I have got an opening at a web design company. They are willing to let me do a bit of part time work experience with them. Seem like a really good company talking to two of the guys today, very small with a niche market. Will allow me to get to grips with some Flash (I know it's something that I will need learn on the course anyway so this will give me a chance to do something that might actually be used, even though I haven't been a fan of it so far). So I am quite chuffed with it, will see how it goes and if my course workload will affect it. I have been looking at getting ADSL, seems a bit of a jungle out there with the different offers and things in place.

Everyone has gone off for a pub crawl around town but I wasn't really up for it as I have an early start at Oxfam tomorrow. Will need to juggle that into my rather busy schedule. I'm guessing something will have to give way sooner or later but will see which it may be. Roll on next induction week.


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