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Private public swimming baths
So what has the world come to when you can't even go for a swim in public swimming baths until 12pm. They didn't seem to have any excuse other than it wasn't open although the gym was. Thought it might have been to do with the kids going back to school but I'm sure there were plenty of senior citizens around last week. I instead wandered around the Ashton town centre and brought more bits and bobs for the kitchen. Again feel I am one step closer.

I forgot to report from Glasgow that curry and white t-shirts are a no no (you might already know this). I managed to get some unsightly splotches on my new favourite t-shirt that I got in return for my donation to WFMU. Keep forgetting that the high content of Tartrazine (i.e. E102) food colouring in a lot of the curries is not good for you and just lapped it all up. Good job the t-shirt was white and used a high dose of bleach to get rid of the stain. None of that Vanish/stain remover stuff ever works.

Now to try and get my brothers computer's modem working. Oh joy.


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Hey dude, you sound old!!
And another thing the wrestling on that WFMU isn't half as good as it used to be!
Posted by Aamir @ 09/10/2002 08:22 PM GMT

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