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Volunteer for health and happiness
My last day of volunteering at the Oxfam Supersavings shop today. It was nice to see the New Deal guys again(they all work at different shops now) who had in part made the place much more lively. I guess David will miss the cover he has on a Saturday for his long breaks to watch football at the pub. The other volunteers have been equally brilliant and even though I've only been volunteering for a year and a half there I have seen a lot of nice people come and go. I wish all of them the best of luck and for the shop to be even more successful. All the best to Michael who it seems is one of the most pessimistic people I've ever met, more so than I am. Although he is finding it hard to get a full time job as a trained accountant and with a MBA and Phd, I have not had a conversation with him once where there was a hint of happiness in there somewhere about anything in his life. I sometimes feel that the sky is going to fall on my head but do eventually see through it, but Michael just lets himself be down all the time. At least there will be memories of me in the shop for a while, as my face is plastered on displays modeling supposedly trendy clothes from our own Oxfam store. Pat who took the pictures was a great manager.

When I move to Bath, I will volunteer my services at the shop down there. I hope to work with some more nice people with amazing lives.


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I want to see the pictures :-)
Posted by Mike @ 09/07/2002 11:56 PM GMT

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