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Let's come together
Oops, missed doing a blog entry yesterday due to me getting confused with the 1571 service. The dial tone was messed up and so the computer wouldn't connect. Found out in the end that it meant there was a new message. Anyway spent most of the day in Bristol amongst other things trying to get a cheap bike. Problem these days is that you can get a really decent bike for under a hundred pounds so most bike shops don't bother with second hand ones. That's the problem these days, everything is getting so cheap that people don't bother repairing things, they just get new ones. First time in Bristol and wandering around it did have a Manchester type style to it - good independent shops, usual big shopping centre, music scene etc. Will need to visit it again for a thorough investigation.

I am looking forward to the course starting so that I can get on with things and get into some sort of routine. I know routines are dangerous and can lead to boredom, laziness, disillusionment, complacency etc but I think the course will provide me with enough to think about for the forthcoming year. Will decide later on whether I want to stay down here to complete my Masters or do it by distance learning. I guess it will depend on how much I miss Manchester. At the moment I do miss it quite a bit.


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