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Does it say 'private' swimming pool!!!
I am now going to rant about the local swimming baths. Most people wouldn't care much for it and I think I shouldn't either since I moving in six days time but wondered if other people have encountered such silliness from their local pool. You might already know that the swimming baths now don't officially open until 12pm Monday to Friday, as the kids have gone back to school and they don't think there is enough justification for them to open the pool that early. I was a bit miffed at this already on a previous log as they have the gym open from 9am. Anyway I was willing to go swimming in the afternoon but today, I found out they close the swimming pool off to the public from 1.15pm to 3.30pm. Excuse me but that means during the day you have a window of just over an hour before you get kicked out. If you miss that window you need to wait until later on in the afternoon and then get this quite convienently the peak time charges are in affect from 3.30pm. I don't know if this is a council ploy to get more money. As far as I know most swimming pools would separate a bit of the pool for the learners and let the rest get on with it rather than hogging the entire pool. I saw a lot of outraged people waiting, then because everyone was waiting the pool was packed out in the space of 10 minutes.

On another note, as it was probably the last time I was going swimming there for a while yet, it was nice to say goodbye to the locker attendant who has been manning the locker keys for the past six years I have been swimming there. She said it was good that I told her where I was going, as many a time she just never see some of the regular swimmers again as they just disappear without a word. As there are plenty of senior citizens that swim there, I don't want to think what might have happened to some of them. Hopefully they just all went to live in Spain. I didn't even bother to get her name which is a bit rubbish really.

I was talking about the sky falling on my head the other day, I always took it from Vitalstitistix, the chief from the comic book Asterix who had this phobia. Here's nice new Asterix site I found.


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Edward, you really must get out more! :-) Enjoy your move, seek the pool!
Posted by Steve Mundane @ 09/10/2002 09:25 AM GMT

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