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That'll give you a run for your money
A total of four different supermarkets of varying quality, size, price range and busyness. That's where I spent most of the day attempting to purchase a my food stock. I found most of the things I wanted in the end and didn't really spend that much in the end but trundling up and down supermarket isles isn't my idea of fun. Saw robbers take off in a car, leap over a central reservation at the exit of the supermarket followed by a bunch of security guards, guess they forgot to paid for the milk. I don't think that my sister's car will be able to cope with the things I am taking down. In a few months time I will be bringing most of it back up to Manchester.

Around 36 hours to go till I move. Everyone feels happy and scared at the same time when moving into a new environment and I feel the same too. It's a new adventure that's about to start. Better not build it up too much otherwise it might turn out be a bit of an anti-climax.

Read today that Manchester is claiming to be Britain's second city. It's about time that more people thought more highly of it as most Mancunians will readily tell you. On another interesting note, it is claimed that Manchester's drizzly rain is caused by the 70's built high-raised tower blocks in Salford. Now that is something to think about.


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