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Find out about it, do it yourself
See this is what happens, I want to listen to my newly purchased records but putting my hi-fi together is too much trouble. I may get a phono pre-amp which will allow me to listen to my records or one of those portable mini record players with built in speakers (Columbia record players I think they are called). Still I'm not too bothered, I have a nice colourful Mr Scruff jigsaw to play with.

Went to Kro2 for lunch today. I'm not quite sure of the very clean industrial modern design. It just seems like the exposed air conditioning piping was pulled from Tate Modern. Anyway the environment was pleasant and it was warm under the glass front and I had good company. I had my usual bangers and mash (I think I am on a mission to try bangers and mash at every restaurant/pub I every go into), sausages were far too salty, but the mash was had a sweet potato/yam like taste and texture. Maybe I should turn into a food critic although my taste buds and vocabulary needs refining somewhat yet.

It's nice to have my Sister back home again, made sure she didn't bring too much luggage as I need every bit of space in the car for my stuff. It doesn't look that much but I'm sure it will be a tight fit. Looking forward to spending time with her. As London is only an hour away from Bath, I'm expecting more frequent visits which will be nice. She has been missed.


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