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The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning
I am surprised that the bread I made loosely following Jamie Oliver's recipe actually turned out to be great. At first I thought things weren't going according to plan when the dough didn't grow much bigger. But from the oven came the fantastic smell of bread and it tastes great. Combination of egg, ham, cheese and spring onions. Must remember to put more filling in. The bread is of a nice texture, crusty on the outside with a soft inner chewiness. I am determined to try a new recipe every week.

The talk by the Oxfam regional manager about her trip to Chile was more fascinating than I thought it was going to be. Not many people know that Oxfam have a presence there but they do read about it here. Primarily they provide support and funding to other Non Government Organisations(NGO's) in the country. It's a country suffering from the effects of globalisation. There is poverty in many of the regions but slowly women are helping themselves by creating support groups. It was shocking to hear that the next generation of children will have a hard time getting jobs if their parents were in jobs that had trade unions(e.g. mining, shoe making). The main issue raised was whether Oxfam should still give money for local projects there(such as expanding the shoe trade) when they know that they had no way of competing with the cheap imports. Do you raise their hopes in the short term by providing them with resources and funding knowing full well in the long term the situation won't get any better? Should the money be used for something else? It's a tough call that.

Curry for dinner made by one of the housemates, definitely not hot enough for a curry of my liking though nice all the same.


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