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Tuck in me lad
Have been wandering around Bath making pleasant trips up to the University. I have found a nice route that takes me through a beautiful park(they are currently hosting the Moscow State Circus). Only takes about 25 minutes to walk which will be manageable and a change from the 30 minute bus ride I used to have to get to Manchester. Finally found a decent green grocers too, was facing up to the fact I was going to have to get my fruit and veg, pre-washed, coloured and specially breed to look good from the supermarket, then a found a good place in a village high street. Walked passed a few weird looking barges disguised(badly) as pirate ships along the river. Very strange. Can't help laughing at the country bumpkins too., which I know is nasty.

Although the house is really nice, the nearby road is quite busy during rush hour with cars zooming up and down. Will need some net curtains too as the lack of privacy is getting to me. One of my other house mates has turned up in the last hour, he was well organised and had hardly anything at all and even managed to bring a massive TV with him too. My packing was a complete shambles in comparison.

I'm slowly getting used to this place. Need to get used to extra tourists around too. At least I don't look strange taking pictures of everything with my Lomo. They are desperate for people to work at the new La Tasca in the city centre that due to open. They have only managed to find 2 people to work there so far. Might apply and learn a bit of Spanish at the same time.

I am slowly getting my cooking touch back, delicious honey barbecued chicken, tomatos and rice yesterday.


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