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If I could, if I could
Another day of ActionScripting frustration. If I had been taught how to program Flash MX properly I might not be so angry at it. Sometimes there doesn't seem a logical reason for things not working. Still I managed to squeeze a little extra but of functionality into the charting tool. Next week should be fun as they want some complex select and auto-zoom function. I am starting to think that everything in Flash needs to have a lot of whizz bang dazzling movement in it rather than being an easy way to obtain otherwise complex functionality. One more thing, the office is so cold I had symptoms of hypothermia in the afternoon, they do need some heaters.

Spend a quiet evening in listening to a limited selection of records. Beth Orton's album Daybreaker is quite magnificent as her other albums, Trailer Park still more perfect. An Icelandic ambient compilation is also currently going to be one of my favourite compilations of the year.

Found out today that my Javascript code for generating my dynamic pop up lomographs crashes Internet Explorer 6. I'll be darned if I can figure out what's wrong with it.


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