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The after effects of late night gigs
After the great weekend, I came down with stomach cramps and I've gone deaf in one ear. This is what being old is like. Shouldn't stand too close to the speakers pretending I'm still a teenager bouncing up and down. Still managed to have a good swim this morning. The fast lane has become the medium lane, and I've started to hijack the front crawl lane. Even this is sometimes too slow, not quite sure if people who don't push themselves a bit actually benefit from swimming. I read somewhere that more than 80% of people who swim don't actually derive any health benefits as they go at such a leisurely pace it's not excercise anymore. If you want some fun I would play on the water slides.

Today a get a headache from the cold house and the Javascript problems I'm having with the Lomograpahic site. It really is a pain. Just seems to be on Windows platforms too as it worked well on the Mac's IE 5. Off to grab some dinner before I settle down for some rest. Alan Partridge coming up, cringingly funny like The Office.


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