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Web anxiety
Finally finished my typography project. It's not nearly as good as it should be. Really it doesn't make any sense but it's a bit of fun. Not having a digital camera meant my work was cut out due to the experimental nature of the Lomographic camera. Still it's not a bad piece of work. Just starting on my next piece of web design(a Lomographic camera mini-site) which is looking to be part of my portfolio. It took a fair bit of pursuading that this was a topic of importance to me and that I had enough content for it. The vagueness in the scope of the project is highly deceptive. Almost like working with a client who doesn't know what they want.

We start learning Macromedia Director tomorrow. My own general thoughts is that for web based work you really can't beat XHTML. We just need to wait until all browsers are standards compliant. The varying implementation of stylesheet properties are the most annoying. The Mac version of Internet Explorer behaves completely differently to the PC version. Something I can't quite understand. Oh well.


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