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A big laughing heart
I tend to feel really knanckered on a Thursday. Must be burnout from trying to do all the work assigned on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyway having spent a lot of time working on my Lomo website, I started reading a new book that I got. It's Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug (By the way, Amazon have 50% off this book at the moment so I would get a copy while you can 12.75 a bargain, or it could indicate that a new edition is coming out soon). From quickly looking over the first half of the book it is really good. Clearly explains all about effective usability of websites with nice decent examples of what to do. So now I am going to redesign some of my Lomo site as quite simply the navigation is not as usable as it should be.

Shout out to Ali who I have been talking to this evening. Keep it going.


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