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If it doesn't mean a thing
Something funny in the house. There was a heated debate about the waste. One was arguing that everything should be easily recycled even though the issue was not wasting electricity. I made a quick point and then left promptly to escape taking sides. I do think everybody should as a whole be less wasteful and make an effort to turn off lights which don't get used, not boiling half a kettle for one cup of tea etc. It's not even too difficult, just common sense. Don't know who won in the end.

Just decided this morning that treking into London next weekend to see my favorite band of all time (BMX Bandits) play live for the first time in donkey's years is going to be well worth it. Even though I am really broke and will be doing the same thing the weekend afterwards to watch Sparklehorse. I will need to work doubly hard the next few weeks to make up for the lost days. I was going to watch Team Bath play their historic FA Cup first round match against Mansfield but thought the gig is going to be something special.

Just found out that my Dad has sold his shop which means a big move is going to be due soon. Where am I going to put all my music?


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