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Number crunching at it's worst
Just spent the last hour calculating everyones phone bill for the past few months. A mind numbing task that involves tapping 0.042 a million times for those minimum call charges. How silly was I to set the phone line up in this house.

Well from what I can tell so far, most processing of XML data with Flash is very slow. By reverting to a plain text file and processing it I managed to increased the loading of data from a few minutes to about 5 seconds. I guess Flash MX still has a long way to go. Charting application is starting to get better and does all the basic things like zooming and panning as well as having a indicator of the share price on specific days.

My brother managed to get a copy of the limited edition Blur single, so nice one our kid for getting it. We will sell it in a few years for loads of money.

That's it for this unsuprisingly wet start to the weekend. Blimey do I wish I was back in Manchester.


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