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Long tall Sally, high and mighty
This is what Saturday evenings have come to. Sitting at home reading a paper, listening to the sound of rain on the window pane and having a beer. So pretty much like the days of old then. Apart from the talk of my housemates shoe dilema. She has problems getting shoes as she takes a size 9 and most shops don't stock that size or if they do have really bad styles. She was planning on starting her own big shoes women company.

My Director record player
Really happy that I got a nice working prototype of the Director record player working. As you can see it's based around the portable Columbia record player that my housemate and I are trying to get hold of. There doesn't seem to be much about it from the searches. I think I need to learn Japanese to get to sites that stock them. Anyway I am going to add volume control to it and use it as part of my end of term Director project. Got to start thinking about shooting some video too for next term. Was going to grab some footage of Manchester when I get back home and hope that my computer can cope with editing a few minutes of digital video. Should be good fun.


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