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Lack of sleep and thought

There was much amazement that our usability lecturer was in quite a good mood. We didn't even get any homework we were acustomed to. There was a lecture by Richard Hicks (I think that's what he was called) from Big Squid which was very enjoyable. He comes from a TV background and does a lot of TV titles and special effects. He did the latest Wallace and Gromit shorts titles which we had a sneak preview of. Managed to make a half decent music player using Director and Lingo but it was a real pain. Almost like the Flash stuff I have been doing. I am going to be so confused with the programming languages by the end of the course it will be silly. Found more problems with the CSS on IE 6. I think I will give up making it work on most browsers and put up a sign saying use Mozilla/Netscape 6 instead.


Been having some bad nights not sure if it is the cold or the bad dreams of Director Lingo. Aaaaaaah.


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