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Love it or leave it
So yesterday evening I had a quick leaving drink, even though I'm actually leaving today. Anyway more people turned up than first thought (double figures!) and it was nice sitting on the top terrace of Pure Space having a few drinks. Some funny conversations were had but I deem them to be going far too low to be repeated here.

It's an absolutely beautiful day in Manchester today (I'm even wearing my sunglasses) which makes the prospect of going to the volunteer party in Platt Fields all the more better, Lomo camera at the ready. Office isn't so hot or humid and dare I say it quite 'pleasant'. Off to Pizza Hut for an all you can eat leaving lunch. I'm not too keen on 'all you can eat'/Pizza Hut in general but it gets the people out for a fun lunch. Read this interesting article on 'all you can eat'. I decided that even if I am going back to university and will have little money I am not going to compromise on my health by eating junk. I will get back to cooking decent basic healthy meals, however I will allow myself to make my speciality cheesecake now and again though (cooked is best, not too sweet).

Had a bit of response to the guy who was ranting on about the 'all you can eat' buffet. Just to let you know it was weird and funny, but I don't share the same perspective, although there wasn't enough pizza getting made at the one we went to.

Anyway leaving speeches... should have thought of something a bit better than the usual thank you's. Got some nice presents and lots of spare change. Will come in handy when I'm looking for a spare one pence.


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