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Click snap, click snap
Passport photos are getting ridiculous. I went to the post office with one of these new booths that claim to have your photos done in 45 seconds. Quite impressed I went in and was amazed that the photos seem to be taken with a digital camera without a flash. The actual photos seem to be printed on a roll of glossy inkjet paper. Without a flash they are not very bright and if my driving license application gets rejected I'm asking for a refund. Everything has gone digital and we are slowly forgetting the art of mechanical processes which will make the future a little scary. Although I don't like sci-fi novels much, I quite enjoyed Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom written by Cory Doctorow, blogger of the excellent Boing Boing blog. I see this as an example of technology gone too far, backups for your brain would be scary. It's free to download in all sort of versions.

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