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Bet the study was fun
Now this is really funny. One of those researchs gone mad I think. In the Guardian today there is a brief news item that men who don't shave everyday are more prone to strokes. I quote:
'A sample of 2,438 men found those who did not shave daily were more likely to smoke, be unmarried and do manual work.'

If that's the case I'm on course to getting a strokes as I don't need to shave everyday. Firstly because I hate shaving and secondly my facial hair folicals aren't that particularly active and grow at a relaxing pace rather than having a Homer Simpson permanent shadow. Apparently it's something to do with the testosterone in my body. Guess I'm a more of a girl then.

Read the stroke news item. There's a more indepth stroke/stubble article at the BBCi site.


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