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You and me are over and I'm getting high tonight
One hour to go and counting till my Sister arrives to pick me up. It was meant to be a couple of hours ago but she got held up with work. That was a stroke of luck really as that meant I got to see Evan Johansen from Magnet play a live set at Fopp. As per usual no one ever turns up for these in store things unless they are very well known and I think I was the only person who went along just to see him play. He only did three song (probably because of the tiny audience) but it was really great. His rendition of Where Happiness Lives was excellent as is the album On Your Side. He plays an instrument that can only be described as a sawn off guitar with only the actual fret board and played faced up on the knee, a cross between playing a slide guitar and harp. There must be a name for it. It seemed really versatile at making a range of sounds.

It's quite nice to end Bath with a live set as I remember early on my arrival to Bath I watched Malcolm Middleton play a set at Fopp too.

Right that's it off to do a final bit of cleaning. Not sure if this means farewell to this weblog as my time has come to go to work and earn my living again.