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All we need now...
Okay 24 hours to go till I leave this place that is Bath. My room is pretty much cleared out and restored to it's original condition. Hopefully get my full deposit back. Look those black stains on the carpet were there when I came along, and those paint stains on the walls, well some sneaky person was covering up before I came.

Glad to be out of here because it looks and sounds like the new neighbours next door don't seem to be too sensible and have very late nights playing music. I know I shouldn't be spying but the burning from the barbeque was a cause for concern. Peered out of the window and there was huge amounts of smoke coming from their garden all over their washing. They must like smokey clothes. It is a bit sad to leave though, leaving behind some great times.

Hopefully I will have encountered enough slugs for a while, last night walking to the toilet, one was crawling straight at me as though it was try to get revenge for the dozens that I have thrown out of the bathroom window.

Just before I go here's a great little speech tool that's quite realistic. AT&T are developing Text to Speech programs and they are very promising. No more Stephen Hawking sounds. You even get to choose different voices. Try the Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo. You need something that can play wave files.