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Spin spam grilled and fried
Well my hosting account has been spammed and abused which has been rather annoying. Those spammers are getting desperate. Anyway I haven't been able to update my site for a week even though I wanted to tell everyone about the new BMX Bandits website. Almost seven years after I started the first website for my favourite band they finally have one of their own. It's very nice too. Coincides with their first new album in 7 years too. I love it loads, and did a review of Down At The Hop on my site. Brilliant power pop tunes. Speaking of which I quite like the new Strokes album Room On Fire. Okay it's pretty much the same as the first album but I like the guitar riffs on this one much better.

Students have returned to University which means the buses are packed and they just get in the way. I think I should start wearing suits to stop looking like one even though I was a student just 2 months ago. Two months into my 12 month contract and so far it seems mixed as to whether my appointment is a success. There has been minor confusion and major bottlenecks but things have been progressing slowly. It would be good to be able to work on single projects at a time as 4 or 5 projects simultaneously is just unworkable without extra support.

Anyway I'm working on a new record label Heliotone Records doing special edition 8" records. Yes no typo 8" records. I've got some great musicians in the pipeline for it. It's different to my old label Emma's House Recordings (much smaller operation as no money) yet quite similar in ethos (still have to spend my evenings designing and making record sleeves and doing admin work).

I see that the iPod has been revamped once again with 40gigs of storage. I think I can get most of my record collection on there if I could be bothered to. Still waiting for the recording function though. As soon as that arrives I'm ready to upgrade from my first generation one that has stood me in good stead.