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It's not down and out yet
Okay this weblog is dying but I am determined not to let it go down without a fight. With all day spent at work doing Web development in front of a computer I have less of an appetite to go home and then sit in front of the computer for some more. I am even finding time to read the paper a problem which is just getting too silly. I mean I must organise my time a bit more. Most of the time has been spent on my new record label (Helitone Records) and things are looking more promising, I am pleased with the releases I will be doing. Also been listening to loads of music especially rediscovering the gems of WFMU from a 'Gay Bar' remix show to a great Daniel Johnston special with DJ playing over the phone with Yo La Tengo, such a great radio station. WOuld love to get back to NYC to go to the WFMU fundraising record fair but pretty skint.

My current home doesn't have slugs in the bathroom but I do have an infestation of woodlice which seem to appear out of nowhere. I turn round there are a few more crawling around. They may be hiding underneath the skirting board.

How do you persuade people that their ideas need a lot more thought. It seems like academic projects that are not related to their research areas are full of ad hoc decision making with no grasp of reality. They define the audience as themselves all the time when in fact they are not the main audience. The world of academia is a strange one I give you that.