Heliotone Records 

A series of ultra limited edition 8" records from fine musicians across the world. Lathe cut on clear polycarbonate in handmade sleeves, self funded, self distributed, superb new music to captivate and expand your musical tastes. Quality not quantity, these won't be around for long.


Like my previous label emma's house recordings, this new label's aims stay pretty much the same. Basically, releasing music I like. However new budget restrictions mean quantities are far less and records are lathe cut (yes they are 8" records, it isn't a typo). A non-profit making label designed to get great music released. Join me if you will in supporting the great independent labels and artists.

 Occasional mailing list 

So occasional, the last one was sent out five years ago.


Emma's House Recordings record giveaway. Get your hands on some classics by Kimonophonic, Anna Kashfi, The Workhouse and more. For the price of some stamps.

Listen to Anthony Atkinson, Mundane Music, The Bear Quartet, Kimonophonic, Michael Shelley, Luke Hirst, Roy Moller, The Yam Yams, Miss McGarry.


Bands and artists wishing to be a part of this series are warmly welcomed. Please email me at heliotonerecords [at] onoffonoff [dot] org first for my address. Note new email address.