sun003 - The Bear Quartet 

a. Suits On For Sandi (mp3/real)
   Bad On The Halo (mp3/real)
b. Load It (mp3/real)
   All Your Life (mp3/real)

Third in this series of lathe cut 8" records. This is a brilliant 4-track ep from Sweden's most critically acclaimed band. Formed in 1989 and with 12 albums and numerous EP's released in their home country their output and lineup has consistently moved forward and excelled. Their gorgeous catchy pop songs are 'full of fierce wit and melancholy'.

Yet unlike many other Swedish bands The Bear Quartet are hardly known outside Scandinavia. John Peel got them in for a session in 1992, they released an EP and played a handful of gigs in the UK but that's it. Parasol Records in the US are in the process of re-releasing all their albums, someone in the UK needs to do the same. In releasing this EP I hope to get the ball rolling.

It's impossible to make this EP a (very, very) short introduction to the Bear Quartet because of sheer number of quality tracks they have. A 'best of' double album is probably more appropriate. Instead I have chosen some of my favourite tracks, taken from the very early years to their latest album.

We start with Suits On For Sandi taken from 1993's Cosy Den, a mesmerizing melancholic guitar track that is pure bliss. Bad On The Halo is from their often-described masterpiece Moby Dick released in 1997, so beautiful and shows their maturity. The BQ change approaches with Load It (Gay Icon 2001) taking their pop lo-fi yet utterly clear. Finally we have All Your Life taken from their newly released album Angry Brigade. A anthemic song so catchy that you can't help but listen to it again and again.

The Bear Quartet shouldn't be a band that just rings a bell, people should know who they are. They should be synonymous with the words 'fantastic' and 'songs'. And if your asking, no they are not a quartet.

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sun003 - sleeve
8" lathe cut clear record
Limited edition 50 copies
Hand made sleeve
Released January 2004
by mail order only

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