Mail Order 

All releases are available by mail order only. They cost £5 each including postage worldwide.

You can pay online by credit card via Paypal (email address to use is edward[at]onoffonoff[dot]org). The best way is to go to the individual release page and click the 'buy now' button.

Other ways of paying are personal cheque (Payable to E.Jung in pound sterling only), IMO or well concealed cash in pounds sterling. Please send orders to:

E. Jung
Please ask for my current address

Best to reserve your record beforehand by emailing heliotone[at]

Handy form to fill in:

Title Cost Qty Total
sun001 - Anthony Atkinson 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun002 - Mundane Music 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun003 - The Bear Quartet 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun004 - Kimonophonic 8" EP £5 Sold out
ehr010 Bling Bling V's Bleep Bleep 10" £3    
sun005 - Michael Shelley 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun006 - Luke Hirst aka The Saint 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun007 - Roy Moller : Second City Firsts 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun008 - The Yam Yams : At Home With 8" EP £5 Sold out
sun009 - Miss McGarry : The Gallumphing Man 8" EP £5 Sold out

Address :

Anything else you would like to mention :