sun005 - Michael Shelley 

a. Little Things (mp3/real)
   Don't (mp3/real)
   Little Monkey
b. Julie
   One Step Beyond (mp3/real)
   Baby's In A Bad Mood (mp3/real)

We welcome Michael Shelley out in New Jersey, joining us on this fifth Heliotone release. A selection of outtakes, rare and unreleased tracks giving you a glimpse of the wonderful world of Mr Shelley. All superb gems done with Michael's own slant. A great little intro to his work if I must say so myself.

Little Things is a cover of the Bobby Goldsboro way back in the 60's when songs lasted 2 and a half minutes. It's a great little rocking number. An exclusive track for this release. Don't is a great track from the first LP and this version I really enjoy more than the LP version. It's got the extra edge as it was worked up as a live track with the drums. Features the Scottish contingency of Chris "Beans" Geddes, Stevie Jackson, Francis MacDonald and Douglas Macintyre. Little Monkey comes from the third album 'I Blame You'. A nice jam session instrumental for the end of the first side. Just like the way it was recorded to use up the end of the reel tape.

Julie was released on a Bobby Fuller tribute album for a Japanese label #9 records. I must admit to not knowing much about this guy but the cover is fantastic. Get those hands clapping. One Step Beyond takes the influences of Madness, Prince Buster etc and reconstructs this into a two minute highly entertaining mix, even features a stylophone solo. It's great to hear musicians doing stuff you wouldn't normally expect them to record. The first time this is released in it's entirety. Finishing off this EP is another outtake from his second album. Baby's In A Bad Mood is a really nice song about relationships by Michael and one of my favourites from the album.

So there you have it, a very talented musician with his heart in for good songs. Michael has three solo albums out and has collaborated with Francis MacDonald (BMX Bandits/Teenage Fanclub) on Cheeky Monkey. He has an excellent show on WMFU and runs Confidential Recordings. You will be a fool not to want to listen to more.

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sun005 - sleeve
8" lathe cut clear record
Limited edition 50 copies
Hand made sleeve in two versions
September 2004
by mail order only

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