01.01.11 Emma’s House Recordings Record giveaway

Happy New Year! Many years ago I started my first labelm, Emma's House Recordings. It was really fun while it lasted and looking back I can see there were a few things I could have done better, but all in all I liked how things turned out.

I was doing another sort out over Christmas and well I found some unsold copies of the EHR records. I'm giving them away in bundles to the first people who want them. Only requirement is that you pay a small amount for the postage costs to where you are. Oh and that you don't mind if some of the sleeves are a bit tatty.

Records available – use links to hear samples

Record Giveaway

Approx postage: £1.00 in the UK / £1.50 in Europe / £2.00 for rest of the world. It's a bargain. Email me at edward[at]onoffonoff[dot]org with which ones you want and then you can send me payment via Paypal.

I do believe that there are some copies of the Malory 7" and La Nuit Americaine 7" too, but haven't located them so far.

All subject to availability and first come, first serve. I have more of some of the releases than others.

Please note that due to the bloody spammers, I've changed the Heliotone email address. It is now heliotonerecords[at]onoffonoff[dot]org. Replace the '[dot]' and '[at]'. The old email address is now defunct.

The Miss McGarry is now sold out.

20.04.06 Time considered
Another long pause in the releases schedule. This is how it's going to be for a while I'm afraid. I've been too busy going to far flung places taking photographs of random things and so the label has been neglected.

Never fear I hope there will be releases from the summer onwards. In the meantime listen to your back catalogue of lathe cut 8" releases. I'm happy that there are people who appreciate the releases that are put out, including a Rob da Bank who played Miss McGarry on his One Music show not so far back. If you haven't got yours I hear that Rough Trade may have a few copies left.

Take care and I'll be back after an interlude. Thanks for sticking with me.

Hope everyone has had a nice time over Christmas. For me it's the same every year since my family don't celebrate it. Anyway I should be sending out the Miss McGarry records in the next week or so as they finally made it. Too late for the Christmas deadlines though.

Have a happy new year.

04.11.05 Quick they finally let one slip away
Right we have the green light for the next Heliotone 8" lathe cut (sounds of cheers and clapping can be heard in the far away distance). A fantastic 4 track by Miss McGarry is currently heading out the lathe cutters on the over side of the world. The bad news is that it's probably not going to be back on these shores as purchaseable items until January. Still it will be something to look forward to in the New Year rather than the usual post holiday blues.

Anyway back to Miss McGarry, who lives in Glasgow and writes fabulous songs filled with surprises and a uniqueness not heard for a long while. Possibly the most original and unique EP of the 8" series so far. More information and sound clips coming soon. It's not what you will be expecting but you will love it as much as I do.

05.10.05 Dream alittle dream o'me
It's fallen quiet again hasn't it? Believe me, if you've listened the demos I been sent in the past two years, got as excited as me about the prospect of putting out a great record by brilliant bands/artists, then see nothing happen, you would be mildly frustrated to say the least. However these things happen and things do change. At least I've got to listen to the music, everyone out there (well the few of you out there) have to be content with my random release schedule. This is not another sorry excuse for not having the next release announced. When the moon and the stars all line up on the third eclipse of the year, that's when the magic formula for a Heliotone release becomes a reality.

Seriously, I'm still optimistic that I'll have something else out for the end of the year (fingers crossed). Then again there are the other matters that are outside my control far away across on the other side of the world.... Have you believed a word I've written here?

03.09.05 Making a comeback is twice as hard
I like good news. The Yam Yams record finally arriving was very good news. Then seeing it fly out was even better. The band have been getting a lot more interest recently so it will be good see them step up to the next level.

Luke Hirst who did had a release on the label at the beginning of the year is playing at the City Showcase at London's Oxford Street. He's supposedly appearing on Thursday 8th September at the Urban Outfitters shop at 3.15pm. Go down there and show your support, it's free. All the week will be dedicated to up and coming talent. Hopefully it will be a good gig and I'm hoping to get half a day off from work to go down.

Working on the next couple of releaes. Maybe a surprise guest or two making an appearance soon. Enjoy the final bit of warm weather we are having in England and best to everyone else around the world.

30.06.05 Invisible cut and grooves
As unpredictable as ever. The person who does my lathe record cutting has disappeared. Either that or he's refusing to return my calls to him. Rather frustrating since The Yam Yams record is with him. Hoping there isn't too much of a delay. However in the past I had a delay of six months. Just so you know, I'm not running away with your hard earned dosh.
25.05.05 Good things come to those who wait
Just like Liverpool taking the European Cup tonight. What a fantastic game of football. Cringing in the first half, ecstatic at the beginning of the second, nail biting near the end and heart stopping during the penalties.

Well finally, I can reveal the next release. It's going be an EP by The Yam Yams. A boy and girl, guitar and drums duo. Should be heading over here for the summer. Well that's if we get one and stop complaining it's too hot while we are in work. As usual more information and sound samples will be up soon. Be back shortly.
20.04.05 Too laid back for my own good
You might be thinking I've closed this label down with the recent lack of activity. Nope I haven't. I just haven't been strict enough in pushing the people I want to do a release for to send material. I all for letting people have time to put together songs without rushing things. Maybe I'm just using this as an excuse because of my other distractions work and photography have been taking a lot of my time recently. I will promise to get my act together. The itch for a new release is overwhelming. I should get stricter with these musicians.

I've got back a few copies of the Kimonphonic record that I though had sold out. So if you missed this superb electronica the first time round in a wonderful green and yellow sleeve, it would be advisable to get hold of one now.

07.03.05 Missing Italian email!
Thanks to everyone who brought the Roy Moller single. It was the quickest selling record I've put out so far on Heliotone. Hoping that the next receives just as much attention. Oh and the badges went double quick too. I'll look into getting some different ones done for next time.

I don't have any new news on the next release as yet but hopefully something soon (I know I always say that don't I!).

I'm just posting a quick message for an Italian radio host who emailed me about getting promos of the records I put out after seeing something in Losing Today. I had a quick look at your email whilst at work, but when I came to retrieving it at home, my spam filter kicked in and I've lost your email. If you could email me again, I'll make sure it doesn't go into the trash and get something out to you. Oh and if it's possible to get a copy of the magazine article that mentions the label that would be great.

01.02.2005 Pin up them up and down
Just a bit of info for people who have been enquiring about the badges I had made. They look like the following:
Heliotone records badges
The three colors are a cyan, dark blue and magenta. Dimensions 3x3.5 cm. Just in case you forget the website address is printed on the edge of the badge along with '8" lathe cut record series' on the opposite edge.

For the sake of efficiency you can only order them if you buy a record as the PayPal charges and postage would mean I would have to charge a ludicious price for them. So you can get a badge for an extra quid on top of your order. If you want more than one then contact me before ordering. As in going with the label I only made a small batch of these in each colour so first come first serve.

I am assure that Roy Moller is on it's way.
10.01.2005 We luv Glasgow
The Roy Moller release is alive and well getting itself cut in New Zealand. I expect to see sight of it sometime next month. Might the beginning or the end. Anyway it's a fabulous release with a sort of Glasgow city theme. An extremely talented guy who has worked with Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian. There's info up there at the moment and I will have sound samples shortly.
06.12.2004 As I wonder understand
As we draw closer to the end of this year, again it's been quite an eventful one. Managing to move house only three times is the biggest acheivement. Still I managed to keep the releases trickling out of my bedroom. The label is now so tiny I could set you anywhere with a phone line, electricity, my computer, printer and something to feed creative thoughts in my head.

I've been really happy with the four records I managed to put out. I know there are loads of people with that still don't get this lathe cut record thing and I don't blame them. Sometimes I think I am just feeding a bad habit of releasing records. It's tough to stay away from it and leads to financial difficulties like it did last month. Just see the example of Dom and his Great Pop Supplement series. He went small to escape the many barriers that confront independent labels. Now he's back to doing Earworm. Good on him. I don't crave to step back up to Emma's House Recordings yet, but keep playing random figures in my head for the run of future releases. It's still fifty and probably will be for a while. Given the choice I still rather release ten records of fifty by different bands than 500 copies of one.

Okay that's enough spilling random thoughts here. Some time in Spring of 2005 will be the release of a fabulous EP by Roy Moller formerly of Meth O.D. and Wow Kafe. A collection of unreleased home recordings mainly inspired by his surroundings in Glasgow. Really wonderful.

As always information on the site soon. In the meantime listen to one of my favourite records of the year - Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 4. The last in the series as Dave sadly passed away late this year. Have a great rest of the year and I'll catch you all soon. Oh yeah thank you for buying the records. I really do mean it.
20.11.2004 I believe in the speed of lathe cutting
They said it couldn't be done, send your masters off the New Zealand and in three weeks get a bunch of records. Well somehow it's happened. Must admit I was unprepared so haven't actually started making the sleeves until last weekend. Anyway for the first time I have been releasing record I have brought forward the release date, but only by a week. Have a listen to Luke Hirst's fine tunes and preorder your copy. Makes a change from all those apologies I have to make.

Sadly there won't be an Amber Smith release. It was going to be absolutely fantastic but I think they may be taking a break from the band.

For those of you looking for Kimonophonic or Michael Shelley releases. I would try Rough Trade. Their website is only available during their opening hours in London so you have be selective as to when you access it.
15.10.2004 The Saint drops by for some music
The Michael Shelley record did eventually arrive and disappeared rather quickly. If you are looking for the Michael Shelley and/or Kimonophonic record, I know that Rough Trade have a few copies left albeit at more expensive prices.

I bet you are already eagerly anticipating the next release. Well it's going to be by Luke Hirst who also calls himself The Saint. A singer songwriter with beautiful songs of confidence and maturity and he's only 16. Notes and samples will be available soon. Will be back soon.
Okay more troubles have come to light. No one really knows where they are! Erm, yes I know kind of worrying. I have put my utmost trust in my presser to get the records to me and nearly every time they are late. I just hope he has lied to me and sent them last week as opposed to the three weeks ago he said he did.

So again I apologise to everyone people waiting for them. The same old story I guess.
08.07.2004 this tired mind
I've moved, but things are again changing. It's not going to be the Amber Smith next but another New York resident Michael Shelley. Still pop but a solo act. Great power pop songs. I am just choosing the tracks for the release.

The fact that I have just started a new job and just settling in, means this release won't be around until after the summer.

I know this is very brief but I'll be sure to move things along fairly soon. I just have too many projects on the go and too little time.
23.05.2004 oops i'm doing it again
I did not bargain for this. I have to apologise because the label is moving again. The first I moved it was not such a big deal as it was only round the corner from the old place. This time though it's a lot more problematic as I move 200 and odd miles down South. I'm only telling you this because it may mean a few more delays for the next planned Amber Smith release and others.

The fact that I will be sofa surfing for a while makes it difficult so it will be wee while until I get the operation up and running again. With it being so small the label can effectively operate around the world. Just hope to have something sorted fairly soon.

The records are gradually getting played on radio stations (including John Kennedy's Xposure on XFM) and it seems word of mouth is helping the bands get a little more exposure. Thanks to all those involved.
26.04.2004 looking back to look forward
A review of sorts. When I first started this label it was just a cut down version of my old label Emma's House Recordings. I have been putting more effort into each of the releases to make this whole project a lot more personal and in many ways it is. It's been successful to the extent that all of the releases sell out (albeit rather to quickly for my liking) and people are getting to listen to new music and artists. There is the temptation to increase the run of records seeing as there are a lot more people who have caught onto the label and yes I am thinking about it, I'm not going to be venturing towards a three figure output just yet though.

The issue is whether I have enough time and effort to do it all. I am just about getting myself on track with my other projects that take up so much of my time so I have an ongoing debate with myself as whether I should keep some of my valuable 'spare time' to just, well do nothing and slow down a bit.

Anyway I will make that choice when I put out the next release, which I am happy to confirm (with 95% certainty) that it will be The Amber Smith, a band from New York doing some of the best 3 minute pop songs of recent times, great lyrics, melodies and humour. Really excited by this release because they are so good.

Oh yeah back to this label review. Things I need to do better is to get more media exposure, going to target radio stations, press a bit more than I have done in the past. Grateful for all the support of the people who have supported the label so far though. Trying to get a more consistent release schedule has always been difficult so it maybe I only release 5/6 records a year depending on how things go. I never put any pressure on the artists and bands so they send me stuff when they have time to do it. I know most of them, like me have got full time jobs too.

I know the label seems to have descended into an uncertain future recently. I love running this label but my other unreleated projects have suddenly taken off, so I have spent a lot more time with that, it's just the expense of doing many things at once. In case you are wondering, I am doing amongst other things a collaborative project with friends that involves a cow, a public space and lots of photography. So now you know. I'll be back with this very soon, hopefully with a pay rise to spend on releasing more records!

Here's that label profile I was on about, ©2004 Record Collector

Record Collector label profile

Nice review of the Kimonophonic release by

"Four delectable cuts of dreaming electronic pop to swell the head and take the inner spirit on some far flung vacation to the ends of the mind in between all that revealing both the light and dark pastel shades that readily make up Kimonophonics melodic fabric.

From the soothing whirly pop of the opening ‘Comin' with the mad style’ where amid the fluffy textures thankful nods to Cornelius are made, a reclining beauty that floats and hovers in the ether dispatching warming tastefully conceived morsels of lullaby-esque stuttering hip hop derived groove-tronics. Equally chirpy is ‘Like a rabbit’ tenderised beats and glitches skip joyfully across chiming droned interweaves filling the listening space with a vague Oriental wash to sound not unlike ISAN had they decided to do minimalist electronics Eastern style. ‘Draw the Curtain: Pink Cheque’ explores a similar melodic framework only this time utilising an erstwhile heavy bearing grittier core, the drone sequences filtered into wave cycles to enhance the fragmented states. ‘Japanese Crows’ ends the set on a frantic note, not quite Atari Teenage Riot but a riot all the same, punk-tronics at its most persuasive, head popping zig zagging arrangements wheel crazily about to manically perform robotic pogoing in your head, both caustic and tense, and, if truth be known, the collections stand out track."

There you have it.
25.03.2004 nope that's not it either
Those of you waiting on the Kimonophonic release (well there's not much else waiting for on the label at the moment), it still not looking good afraid. Firstly I still don't have the records to hand because the guy I get them cut had a car crash and so was delayed. Then he said he would send them out and that was two weeks ago but still no sign of them. Worse still is that I can't get him in touch with him, he seems to have gone AWOL or still making the records. Anyway at least I've finally got the designs done and will be making the sleeves this weekend. Shame no records to put into them...

Sorry to those of you who found out about the Bear Quartet release too late. It's that senario where I want to make more but judging by my own recent performance that may mean each release will take half a year to come out. I may repress some of the records at a later date but not at the moment. Good news for the Bear Quartet is that thy have got distribution in the UK for their latest album 'Angry Brigade', hopefully they will get the coverage they deserve.

Record Collector magazine has been going through a revamp and if you look in the singles section there's a Label profile of Heliotone Records and a little write up of The Bear Quartet. I saw that and it made me put some effort into spending more time on the label. I'm trying my best.

Still haven't confirmed the next releases yet but will start chasing people.
01.03.2004 I'm never going to know you now, but
Do I need to say that the last month has been a real ride into the dark. Hate say this but I've just been swamped with work (paid and voluntary) that the label has been left behind. I know a pathetic excuse but it also doesn't help that I don't have any spare cash to spend on the label either. I think the only time I am at home is to have a wash and go to bed. I will be attempting to get myself back on track fairly quickly but I don't know how successful I will be. The Kimonophonic record is due sometime now, but as the sleeves haven't been made it's going to take a little longer for them to be out on sale. Possibly looking like the end of the month.

This also means I haven't sorted out the releases after this one, there are a few potentials that haven't as yet been finalised.

Finally, the final 2 copies of The Bear Quartet release so get yours while you can and all that.
08.02.2004 I was sitting on a pavement of cracks
Right The Bear Quartet is finally let out and going quickly. People who have reserved it need to send me money fairly soon as I am down to single figures again.

Okay I now have upgraded my hosting services so that I can have audio files. This means they are not hosted all over the place like they used to be. The Kimonophonic release is going to be heading out sometime in March. A four track EP of melodic electro pop. As always a pleasure to release stuff by him. Sound samples and a special offer are available now.

There can never be enough decent radio shows that are willing to play a diverse range of records. Shows I sometimes dip into are FSK Sunday Service, a German show that is like a John Peel and who has in the past played Heliotone records and OCDJ with Plug and Play on the ever brilliant WFMU. Go listen online.
18.01.2004 how can I find time to be with you again
Okay so the first two records are now sold out. People are pre-ordering the third record which is the sensible thing to do. There is a possibility that I may increase the number of copies of releases following the Kimonophonic record but not by much. We shall see.

Again Mundane Music is generating more interest, City Life say the following:
Fans of Prefuse 73, Four Tet and RJD2 should make it their mission to track down this limited editon 8" vinyl EP by newcomer Mundane Music. A selection of six tracks recorded at home, it oozes charm and loveliness from every pore as gentle guitars, synths and percussion are morphed with playful beats and samples. (S-J)
Happy New Year to everyone. Hope everyone had a good break if you had one. So far new year has been a little slow however the Mundane Music release is now sold out. If you are quick, head over to Norman Records or Rough Trade and enquire if they have any copies left.

A rather nice review of Mundane Music is in January's Record Collector and goes as follows:
The CD starts, and Manchester's Mundane Music eases you into a world of beats, conversational snippets and subtle guitars. The title track is a perfect introduction to Mundane's ouevre, and tracks like 'Do You Know' and 'Sleep Is A Wonderful Thing'. Influences can be thrown at him, like Fourtet and Mr Scruff, and he does follow that path to an extent. Yet there are enough personal touches to single him out as someone who has some real promise. It's an inspired piece of music that was two years in the making, but doesn't sound out of date in the slightest. Released on 8" vinyl, it's going to be a fairly limited run, so if you want a serious treat, order it now. Keep pressing that play button, everybody.

Regarding the next few releases, The Bear Quartet is coming some time at the beginning of February. After that there might be a little bit of a break as I haven't sorted out the tracks for the bands I want to release because of the postal delays. Be ensured that it is all good.
22.12.2003 The final appearance was nothing short of radiant
Last update of this year, I finally got the Mundane Music release at the end of last week. Needless to say that it's a bit too late to send out most of the orders. A few of you who ordered it early one may get it before the new year though. As far as I can tell there are about five copies that haven't been pre-ordered so getting your skates on would be the best bet. I am moving again in January so please let me know if you plan to send me cheques when you pre-order any records.

In regard to the releases following The Bear Quartet. I am still sorting them out. There are going to be a few good things I tell you. Right seasons greetings, happy new year and all that gubbins to you all.
07.12.2003 it will be a revolution in sound
Okay sound samples are now available for the Bear Quartet's forthcoming release. The release date is the end of January but the delayed Mundane Music release may affect it.

A few more reviews of the records

SUN001 - Anthony Atkinson
"The debut release on Edward Jung's Heliotone label, this features three folk songs flushed with warm, breezy melodies, gently rippling guitars, thoughtful vocals and splashes of strings and pedal steel. Ready to rock the world quietly?" - City Life
SUN002 - Mundane Music
"Mancunian Mundane Music serves up six tracks that prove to be anything but mundane. As crisp as an early autumns morn, curdling dreamy samples and rickety pastoral parochialisms are prised apart by gentle darting beats, at the heart of these six tender morsels lies a weighty lucky bag of sweet mouth watering succulence." -

"A deeply personal recording, but one too which has been left open enough for the listener to add on his or her own memories and meanings...Uniquely individual, its warmth and fundamental sense of humanity are the key components to its success, and it has a simple, but easy-on-the ear and lingering charm." - PennyBlackMusic
21.11.2003 to stand between me and the front door
Latest news on the Mundane Music release. It's due in a few weeks time. I'm hoping I can have it for the first week of December ready for sending out. If it's late which is quite likely I may have to delay sending out the record until after Christmas. This is because the last two weeks before and a week after are notorious times for post going missing. Those of you who who have pre-ordered that's great, I'll endeavour to get those out immediately as the record arrives. Thanks, I would warn that quite a lot are pre-ordered and potentially there will be fewer copies going to Norman Records and Rough Trade.

I've added info on the forthcoming The Bear Quartet release too. Sleeve images and sound clips will follow at some point. This is due for an end of January release. It's a selection of tracks from the dozend that they have released in Sweden. Hopefully a good introduction to this overlooked band.

Five copies of the Anthony Atkinson release are left. Get yours while you can.

I've done a interview for Pennyblackmusic online magazine which should available soon. Lots of not very fascinating insights into running this tiny label.
12.11.2003 why green and why a hulk
Just wanted to let you know that the Anthony Atkinson single is selling quite quickly so if you want to get your copy I would do so sooner rather than later. Best to email me first at this point so that I can save a copy for you. Mundane Music is due on good terms to arrive at the beginning of December still. I'm working on The Bear Quartet and Kimonophonic records. I will have info on The Bear Quartet release in the next week or so.

Hope the people who have got the record are enjoying it. Oh forgot to mention that Rough Trade will be stocking a few copies of the record in their shop in London if you want to get your mits on it immediately, especially with recent postal strikes.
28.10.2003 boredom is an anagram of bedroom
The first lathe cut release has arrived with just days to spare until the end of October release date I has set. The records are really nice and are in hand made sleeves and even I am impressed.

The EP is reviewed on
"Reminiscent of a thoughtful sounding Kevin Tihista crooning out with Rufus Wainwright, Atkinson seamlessly bridges countrified gentleness with a pulsing pop backbone and executes with tear forming aplomb and a toe tapping brass drenched exit. Quite sweet indeed."

The record is available here from the site using PayPal or by printing off the mail order form. You can in due course also get them from Norman Records, but if you purchase direct from me it will give me the ability to release more records.

I've also added information on the Mundane Music release which is due for around early to mid December. There are sound clips for four of the six tracks which should give you a flavour of his musical talent.
10.10.2003 Have audio bite size biscuits for dinner
Okay I haven't upgraded yet but I've found a temporary solution for the sound clips. You can now listen to MP3's and RealAudio sound samples from Anthony Atkinson's Mental Notes Aplenty EP. I'm currently sorting out the Mundane Music EP and I can tell you this 6-track debut is going to be brilliant.
04.10.2003 The crowd groan
The next release after Anthony Atkinson will be from the excellent artist Mundane Music. It's the first release from this artist and it's a 6 track special. If you think of Fourtet but with more family values then you will get the idea, this guy has an armoury of impressive instruments. There's no confirmed release date as yet but information will be available soon.

Releases will also be available from Norman Records.
25.09.2003 Into your arms my dear
Okay I'm currently arranging new things to be coming out following Anthony Atkinson. They will consist of the return of the excellent Kimonophonic, an exclusive debut release from Mundane Music and more. Time scales are as usual unpredictable and dependant on record pressers, my ability to save money and in general the number of records sold. I know I keep promising sound samples but it looks like it will have to wait till I upgrade my web hosting so that I can have Realaudio and MP3's.
06.09.2003 A Little Bit Clearer
Okay the website is going live now, hopefully will be up to date on the release information. Still trying to confirm the forthcoming releases following Anthony Atkinson. Should happen in a few moments. I am also getting sound samples up here too at some point. If you have any problems let me know, I'm using mostly CSS for my website designs which can sometimes be problematic all round.
02.09.2003 Feelin' Groovy
Heliotone has confirmed it's first release which is due for a end October release. Anthony Atkinson is an extremely talented singer songwriter from Australia. Formly of The Mabels, Anthony has kindly allowed me to release three of his fine songs. If you enjoy Damien Jurado, The Pernice Brothers you'll appreciate Anthony's great lyrics and guitar accompaniment. The release will coincide with the UK tour of fellow Australians The Lucksmiths, Anthony will be supporting. Read more about Anthony's release.

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