sun004 - Kimonophonic 

a. Comin' With The Mad Style (mp3/real)
   Like A Rabbit (mp3/real)
b. Draw The Curtain:Pink Cheque (mp3/real)
   Japanese Crows (mp3/real)

The Fourth record sees the return of the excellent Kimonophonic. Having release two of his records in the past I am pleased to release more of his melodic soundscapes and minimal electified pop for our everyday consumption. These are some of his best tracks he's released.

Starting with Comin' With The Mad Style, with it's gibbering vocal samples that make a little mad but the overall track is layered with a ambient texture that is perhaps a reflection of what may be the distant future (if it turned out nice). Like A Rabbit takes us a journey through the orient making regular stops for small talk and cups of tea, so gentle and soothing.

The B-side takes us to the darker depths of Kimonophonic. Draw The Curtain: Pink Cheque is rougher and edgier than his other tracks but nonetheless built on a base of melody that you fall into it's trance. Ending with the superbly crazy Japanese Crows, an electro overdrive that screams into your eardrum to make you uncomfortable. This is Toyko to the power of ten. Underneath the heavy beats is a reality that your real life is this and not the experience you had on side A.

Do you drive to this? Eat your breakfast to it? Have a shower or do a workout to it? That's really up to you but Kimonophonic is for all day and every occasion.

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sun004 - sleeve
8" lathe cut clear record
Limited edition 50 copies
Hand made sleeve
April 2004
by mail order only

Sorry sold out, try Norman Records or Rough Trade

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ehr010 - Bling Bling V's Beep Beep
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