sun002 - mundane music 

a. A Place In Mind (mp3/real)
   Do You Know?
   Sleep Is A Wonderful Thing (mp3/real)
b. Who's Talking To Me OK? (mp3/real)
   My Seashore (mp3/real)
   Little Lucy

Heliotone Records welcomes to the label Manchester based musician Mundane Music.- This debut 6-track EP of home recordings is a selection that spans a period of two years. Like a homely Fourtet, mixing electronic beats with an array of traditional instruments, percussion and home recorded samples taking in a host of reference points. The ideas are simple; the effect is a joy to listen pulling together meticulously crafted moments.

Starting with the title track the beats, rhythm and chants take you on a two and half minute journey into the mind of Mundane Music. Do You Know? is a simple mellow layered guitar track that taps into the short term memory bringing back voices making you remember the long term. Sleep Is A Wonderful Thing funnily enough describes just that and plays around with the emotions of dreams and the tossing and turning whilst you lay sleeping. Who's Talking To Me, OK? sees a storm brewing and looks like it's about to hit us but recedes into something that evokes sadness and wanting. Joyfulness, playfulness and happiness are wrapped into the beat of My Seashore and despite sounding straightforward is spot on. This impressive debut ends with the personal Little Lucy.

Mundane Music comments on his work - "They give the feeling of warmth and human-ness, connections, family, friends, belonging. Well, those are the things I believe in anyway. Plus the idea of little storms and mini-chaos allied to a simple melody that makes you smile!". His music is open to interpretation, whatever you make of it, it's never too harsh or angry and yes it does make you smile. The sound samples don't really do it justice but it's just enough of a glimpse.

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sun002 - sleeve
8" lathe cut clear record
Limited edition 50 copies
Hand made sleeve
Released December 2003
by mail order only

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