sun009 - Miss McGarry : The Gallumphing Man 

a. The Gallumphing Man (mp3/real)
   Micey (mp3/real)
b. Madman's Mercy (mp3/real)
   The Final Dissapation Of That Lingering Dread (mp3/real)

Following a break, the lathe cut label is back with another fabulous 8". As befits this unique series, I introduce the exceptional and unique Miss McGarry from Glasgow. Songs that combine, storytelling, a playful inventiveness with a piano and Miss McGarry's wonderful Glaswegian tinged voice. The EP is a taster for a forthcoming project.

The title track of the EP is The Gallumphing Man, about a gentle man who has been attacked in the city and goes to the Isle of Arran to cheer himself up. He walks along the beach to find peace. Maybe he sees a mermaid or a sea animal or maybe he just sees himself again. Taking in inspiration from Viv Stanshall of the Bonzo Dog Do Da Band

Clare works a lot with children and the improvised session piece - Micey is a little soundscape track capturing a little of Clare's playful creative inventiveness.

A beautifully narrated piece Madman's Mercy, is about the vulnerability experienced when walking in the dark. The thoughts and words that are muttered to ourselves to make you feel stronger and get us through the journey. Originally written for a theatre show in response to the news reports of a serial rapist on the prowl in Glasgow.

The final track The Final Dissapation Of That Lingering Dread takes us to a failed romance ending at the T in the Park festival. Starts with hope and longing and ends with the final realisation that someone doesn't love you anymore.

The songs were recorded by Mark Freegard (he has produced the Breeders, the Manics and Del Amitri). One of the reasons this label is still going is because every so often I can put out beautiful releases like this. A unique EP and artist to treasure.

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sun009 - Miss McGarry
8" lathe cut clear record
Hand made sleeve
Limited edition 50 copies
Dec 2005
by mail order only

Available from Norman Records or Rough Trade or from me with Paypal. Click on the button below.

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