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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Radio goo goo
I listen to a lot of music each week. Not a lot when compared to other people but still a lot. This used to be mainly the radio, then it was my records and CD's, more recently loads of MP3's and online radio. Radio has really shaped what I listen to however I've not listened to it (offline on the transistor so to speak andnot just as background) much this year. It tends to be the Today programme or the midnight news. I have probably caught a few John Peel shows when it used to be essential listening. I never caught the last Mark and Lard show, probably the best duo that radio has even heard.

However I caught Mark Radcliffe's new solo show last night on Radio 2. It just brought back so many memories of his old graveyard shift. Decent music, nice guests, live sessions, great banter. It's even at a similar time slot (10.30pm - 12am). With Coronation Street star Sally Lindsey and music from Badly Drawn Boy the first show got off to a great start. Mark got away from the graveyard shift having been fed up of the late nights but now he's back and with a much bigger audience and still with his great sense of humour. I'm looking forward to hearing some old guests like Ian Macmillan coming back to the show. This will be the show to displace CD's and MP3's during my late nights. Mark Radcliffe a star among dud generic DJ's.

Next time I get asked out during a weekday I'm going to have to say - 'Can't I'm listening to the radio!'

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Thursday, June 3, 2004
It's been
raining outside although not quite so peacefully. I think I'm calling it a day.
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