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'everything is nothing if you've got no one'
i luv MCR Hello from me Edward Jung and to my weblog. A bit of a latecomer to this sort of thing but here it is charting my transition from full time Web Developer, part time record label owner back to academic student and now back to being a Web Developer. This is 'side b', visit 'side a' of blogonblogoff.

A reminder
A reminder that I will be mostly blogging on my photo weblog over on my Lomo Home these days. It's at: More mindless mumble plus an occasional nice picture too.
Posted by Edward @ 11:52 PM GMT Tuesday, October 26, 2004
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Monday, December 20, 2004
If I forget, which I will
Althought it's not quite the end of the year yet and I still haven't listened to all the records I've purchased, downloaded this year, I'd better stick this list up now before I forget.

So here are some of my favourite records/tracks I've heard this year. My memory is so bad there are loads I have probably missed out from early this year and plenty of songs I've got from band websites. I get confused as to when I records too so that the years just merge into each other.

  • Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Vol 4. - By far my favourite album of this year. Songs with a real soul heart. As with the other three volumes Dave Godin has superior judgement choosing these tracks, Doris Duke with 'I Don't Care Anymore' and Bob and Earl's 'Don't Ever Leave Me' a highlight

  • Sufjan Stevens - White Swan/Michigan albums. Brilliant delicate songs.

  • Bettye Swann - Compilation of fabulous tracks by someone I had heard little of, probably said the same thing of the Candi Staton compilation last year (was it last year?). If the Honest Jons compilations keep on coming I'll be happy

  • Badly Drawn Boy - One plus One is One LP, may have got a mixed reaction but Damon is on form with songs like 'This Is That New Song', 'Year Of The Rat', 'Four Leaf Clover' and 'Holy Grail'

  • Jack Cooper - Turn The Light Off 7", a great debut from this singer/songwriter

  • Adem - Homesongs LP, a fantastic set of songs blending folk and bits of electronica. May have even surpassed his Fridge bandmate Kieren Hebden's Fourtet

  • Lorretta Lynn - Van Leer Rose LP, it's not all about Jack White, Lynn is brilliant hitting the high notes

  • Uncollected Galaxie 500 compilation - Great set of demos and unreleased tracks from this band that sound like no other

  • Graham Coxon - Feeling Right/Freakin' Out 7", catchy lo-fi pop with anger

  • The Earlies - These Were The.... LP, at last an album by this lot after all those limited releases. Many I've heard before but as an LP they work even better, especially with such beautiful ilustrations and packaging

  • Stephen Fretwell - Again a long overdue LP. Beautiful haunting songs that don't contain any unnecessary over production

  • Mundane Music - EP1, released right at the beginning of the year on my label by my friend Steve Mundane, I love all my releases but this was a highlight.

  • Kings of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street LP, I don't know why there is a re-recorded Surprise Ice is here, I thought it was on the first album. Certainly it has been released a few years ago. Although a few songs are not entirely satisfying, it's still beautiful, especially the opener 'Homesick'

  • The Concretes - s/t LP, noted these Swedish group more for doing a cover of 'Just Locals' than there dreamy-like pop. Since I released a record by the rather unknown Bear Quartet this year

  • Hope Of The States - I've not heard the album but the singles have been magnificent

Other than that I've listened to lot's of WMFU compilations as opposed to the station itself having lost my high speed internet connection. If I am being serious, this is the first year I've spent more time taking photographs and doing photography related stuff than sit down and listen to music. Hope to address this imbalance next year.

RIP Dave Godin, John Peel.

To listen :

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
John Peel RIP
So long John Peel, one of the best if the not the best DJ when he was alive. Ready to challenge your tastes in music but yet able to sound like your dad. You will be missed.

To listen : Teenage Kicks - Undertones

Posted by Edward @ 11:39 PM GMT
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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Cigarettes and alcohol
This blog is really losing itself. It's all gone pear shaped and even with the greatest of determination to keep it updated I still can't find the time. After going to Beijing for a really mad Lomographic World Congress I thought a lot about a lot of things but still haven't decided on whether to keep it up. I feel it's nice to always have a place to put random thoughts up when I can't speak to anyone else. Anyway we'll see. I'll be blogging a lot more over at my Lomo weblog I think.

My currently (rather weird) lifestyle is putting a bit of a strain on me. It pretty much involves sleeping on the floor of my sisters and all my possessions in boxes. I am living out of my suitcases which does make general day to day living a problem. New job and a massive urban commute involving bus, train, tube, walking also makes for a tired mind.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Radio goo goo
I listen to a lot of music each week. Not a lot when compared to other people but still a lot. This used to be mainly the radio, then it was my records and CD's, more recently loads of MP3's and online radio. Radio has really shaped what I listen to however I've not listened to it (offline on the transistor so to speak andnot just as background) much this year. It tends to be the Today programme or the midnight news. I have probably caught a few John Peel shows when it used to be essential listening. I never caught the last Mark and Lard show, probably the best duo that radio has even heard.

However I caught Mark Radcliffe's new solo show last night on Radio 2. It just brought back so many memories of his old graveyard shift. Decent music, nice guests, live sessions, great banter. It's even at a similar time slot (10.30pm - 12am). With Coronation Street star Sally Lindsey and music from Badly Drawn Boy the first show got off to a great start. Mark got away from the graveyard shift having been fed up of the late nights but now he's back and with a much bigger audience and still with his great sense of humour. I'm looking forward to hearing some old guests like Ian Macmillan coming back to the show. This will be the show to displace CD's and MP3's during my late nights. Mark Radcliffe a star among dud generic DJ's.

Next time I get asked out during a weekday I'm going to have to say - 'Can't I'm listening to the radio!'

To listen :

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Thursday, June 3, 2004
It's been
raining outside although not quite so peacefully. I think I'm calling it a day.

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Sunday, May 9, 2004
Soy for life, cow for the day
Following on from the Rathergood animations and the silly (but really funny) stuff that gets on at B3TA here's something from Japan, Kikkoman Soy Sauce and his battle to get rid of all other sauces. Brilliant for three minutes. Oh it needs Flash.

This Blur video for their song Good Song is also worth checking out. Nice animation.

Our Cow project is starting to take shape. First stage done, the real fun starts next weekend. Going to be brilliant I tell you. Possible pictures of the madness soon.

To listen :

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Friday, April 30, 2004
Mixing it street style
Worth a look, break in the road. It's a nice idea that's been done with different things before but this one is nicely implemented. You go round the streets of London recording sounds and then you can create your own mix of the sounds. It's like a project that a student would do as part of their course.

To listen :

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More Grey Issues
I seem to have at least one technical problem every six months with this blog. In the past some of the files got corruputed and that was it, my entire blog was made unusable. This time my archives have got errors in them. High time I set up a more stable blog or move over to my Lomo home blog maybe?

To listen :

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To pen the le pen
I started reverting back to the way I used to blog, which is to write everything in my text editor when I think of it and then post it later. So I started doing this and then I just didn't have time to post it which I guess is silly but at least I wrote something down. Anyway here are my notes from three days ago.

Today (refering to yesterday(now refering to Monday)) I read one best news articles written by a broadsheet. For some reason the front page article on the Guardian on the far right Jean-Marie Le Pen's arrival to Manchester really made me smile and laugh out loud on the train. The reporting by Emma Brockes was pure brilliance, all done with a style of the reporter Kurt Clausen from one of my favourite books Begin To Exit Here almost reminiscent of the KKK chapter in there. Really straight forward reporting of the facts but written in such a way that it emphasised the whole farcical nature of not just the BNP and the far-right but the whole day. Convening at the Office World car park near Disbury where sunday shoppers and the store manager got a bit peeved off with the gathering journalists and BNP members.

Things I really liked:

  • Two children carrying a dog basket emerged from a pet shop hissed "idiots" - it wasn't clear to whom - while a clergywoman in a dog collar arrived carrying a banner reading Manchester Against Racism.

  • An elderley woman wandering through the riot outside the hotel looking for an advertised antiques fair. Asked for her views on the BNP she said, sensibly: "I've got no views at all".

  • The whole banter between the BNP and the anti-racism protestors, such as "facist" and "communist"!

I'm not saying the whole issue is laughable but in the day an age where everything is taken so seriously (and these issues should be), it's refreshing to get writing that isn't so dry and just a matter of fact.

Read it your self here Le Pen shares platform with the BNP.

To listen :

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