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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cigarettes and alcohol
This blog is really losing itself. It's all gone pear shaped and even with the greatest of determination to keep it updated I still can't find the time. After going to Beijing for a really mad Lomographic World Congress I thought a lot about a lot of things but still haven't decided on whether to keep it up. I feel it's nice to always have a place to put random thoughts up when I can't speak to anyone else. Anyway we'll see. I'll be blogging a lot more over at my Lomo weblog I think.

My currently (rather weird) lifestyle is putting a bit of a strain on me. It pretty much involves sleeping on the floor of my sisters and all my possessions in boxes. I am living out of my suitcases which does make general day to day living a problem. New job and a massive urban commute involving bus, train, tube, walking also makes for a tired mind.

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