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# Bric a brac
Okay so you've explored the site and thought he's not got that much stuff has he. That's because I had to complete this project fairly quickly and so yes there are a lot of items that are not disclosed in the Object Explorer or when you browse my room. Instead I will be extending my musings on my belongings in this weblog whether old things I've found or new items I've picked up.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

# This growing mess
I've not been here a few months and my room is descending into a similar chaos that my last room was. Papers, CD's, records, books, magazines are appearing all over the place with no place to be stored in. With this smaller room I am struggling a bit to keep it under control. Okay I've started a new record label too and also contributing the mess. The fact I am spending less time here also means I haven't been looking at the mess long enough for it to completely annoy me although it's slowly demanding attention.

I know I will be here for about a year yet I haven't personalised it as much as I did in my old room. The blank walls require something yet I don't want to put up the same posters, they don't seem to fit this room quite as well as my old one. One last thing, now that it is getting colder my room is absolutely freezing, even with central heating. The stone floor tiling just sucks the heat out of the room. Now where's my second fleeze.

# RIP Clock and Doraemon
Well my big round clock has gone kaput. It fell off it's perch a few times and now the second hand can't go past 8. Give it a knock and it's okay for a few minutes. So it's pretty much gone. It was my best clock too. I wonder if someone will buy it at Oxfam and be able to fix it.

My inflatable Doraemon has also suffered a relocation accident. It must have got a tiny pin prick and gradually deflates into a saggy mess. It's got patches of tape on it but still deflates which is quite strange. Bloody hell if more things keep going this room is giving me bad luck.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

# Death of a Happy Squeeze
I don't think that some of my belongings are settling down in their new environment. My Happy Squeeze sack has burst and the tiny grains of rye are flowing out. At the moment I've stuck some sticky tape over the hole. It's not quite the same, maybe I should change the smiley face to a frown or permanently have it turned upside down.

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