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Monday, June 30, 2003

# Hippo tape holder
Hippo tape holderOne of the things I used to enjoy doing is making tape compilations from my vast collection of weird and wonder music. I don't really put much thought into them and some are better than others whether for friends or for myself. I've not made a tape compilation for a while now mainly because I don't have the time nor did I bring my music collection down to Bath. What I did bring was some compilations I've made in this rather dapper hippo tape holder. In a wonderful sickly pink, custard yellow and sky blue with 'hip tunes' plastered on the side. You've can't get a better tape holder.

Friday, June 27, 2003

# Empty walls
I spent a couple of hours last night removing all the posters off my walls mainly because the sticky tack to hold them up is so damn annoying to remove. The room looks completely bare and any sound I make echos. Just before I leave I will photograph the room in it's prestine original state prior to my occupancy.

# Rice cooker
Rice cookerThat was the only kitchen appliance I brought with me when I moved here. My other housemates brought a kettle and a microwave. For me having a rice cooker is great, mainly because I eat a lot of rice but you can do a lot of steamed recipes which are healthy, easy and you don't need to be standing at the cooker all the time. Yeah I know strictly speaking this isn't a usual item in my room.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

# Strips of coloured card
Strips of coloured cardWhen I used to run my record label, I thought of many ingenius ways to make record sleeves under ridiculously tight budgets. Any bargain basement card/paper would be mine. Usually I had to cut everything to size and the offcuts I would still keep. Guess what I found today, lots of bright orange, red and blue off cuts from the BMX Bandits release. I was going to throw them away but thought of an idea of making some interesting lattice. Now may being to understand why I have so much junk as I can't bring myself to throw most of it away thinking I can use it in the future.

Friday, June 20, 2003

# Coloured felt pens
Coloured felt pensThe endless quest for useless items in my room brought a bunch of coloured felt pens that don't work. Wonder why I brought them down with me. I like the colour caps though and might making something out of them. Can you recycle felt pens? Problem these days everything is so cheap it's cheaper to buy some new ones. It would be great if I had to time to get all the junk I've thrown away and make a poster or something. A bit like when you were a kid and used milk bottle tops and foil to make things.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

# Bold 2 in 1 ball liquid thing
Bold 2 in 1 liquid ball dispenser thingUsing a plastic ball to put washing liquid in with your clothes washing is not new. What is new is that they are now souped up in very bright colours like a fashion statement. The one I've got is from Bold liquid and it's rubberised in a bright pink and blue wrapping that wouldn't be amiss on a sports car or bike helmet (It even has side grilles on the thing). Is it meant to make washing your clothes a better experience or any cleaner? I wouldn't have thought so. Maybe there are people out there who stare at their washing going round and want the enjoyment of spotting a bright thing amongst their washing. Whatever the case I'm taking it with me.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

# Aerial wire with clip
I decided last night that I'd better get on with some tidying up as it's only going to be a few weeks before I leave this room. Must admit I didn't get very far but I found a piece of aerial wire on top of the book shelf. It was from an old set one that had broke. In my infinite wisdom I decided I would keep the wire and managed to create some sort of wire with clip affair. I can't believe I had time on my hands to make it. Anyway I've binned it so one less thing to take with me.

# Bric a brac
Okay so you've explored the site and thought he's not got that much stuff has he. That's because I had to complete this project fairly quickly and so yes there are a lot of items that are not disclosed in the Object Explorer or when you browse my room. Instead I will be extending my musings on my belongings in this weblog whether old things I've found or new items I've picked up.

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