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About this site

When I was asked to find an idea for my personal project as part of my Postgraduate Diploma in Interactive Multimedia I must admit it was difficult.

It wasn't because I was unimaginative but I had exhausted all my other ideas for projects in the previous few terms. What I really wanted was to do something that wasn't constrained by anything other than my own creativity. So commercial work was quickly dismissed.

So here it is - a real 'personal' project. The main inspiration for exploration of my room is MC Clintock's website. He has put the entire contents of his house online organised by room with wireframe visuals. What really interested me is that although it was a essentially a list of objects that anybody could have, what he had to write about each object made it personal to him. I wanted to take that idea a little differently by focusing on the less well known reasons behind some of the things I have.

Anyway I spend so much time in here working, having the source material so close should (I thought) make me more inspired by it. I have become more aware from recent house moves that I am more of a hoarder than I had thought. It's the collection of individual items that turn your room into a personal modern day wunderkammer and this site explores my own whilst I am here in Bath. No doubt my next room will be very different.

Anyway I really enjoyed putting this together so just have a play around.

Edward Jung - June 2003

Technical bit
The site code (HTML, Javascript, Perl, ActionScript) was developed by hand using a combination of Editplus on the PC, JEdit on OS X, BBEdit on System 9 and the useful Javascript debugger and console in Mozilla. Also sound editing using Soundforge, and video stuff with Quicktime Pro.

Creative bit
Graphics and hand drawings were all created by myself using good old pencil and paper, Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Flash MX. The style of the site is based around a single font Geek Speek. All graphics and illustrations were built up using the characters from the font as building blocks for an image. An immensely time consuming process. The letter animations are a poor imitation of the unsurpassed Bembo's Zoo.

Photos of objects were taken using a borrrowed Olympus Camedia digital camera and my Lomographic camera.

Thank you bit

  • John for lending me the camera.
  • Housemates for putting up with me working through the late hours every night and disturbing their rest. Sorry I haven't been much of a housemate recently.
  • MC Clintock.
  • Steve for the ActionScript tips.
  • David Tyack for writing such wonderful songs, a few snippets used here. Sadly he's been missing since 2002.
  • Everyone who help test the site and gave me ideas.

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