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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

# This room of wonder has wandered off
It's been a while and the things in my room have been through a major overhaul mainly because I've moved to my new place. Agaiin a single room but in many ways more of a down turn compared to my previous 'Room of Wonder'. Smaller, less light, poor furnishings, really bad radio reception and modem speeds. I really do think my room organisation has gone pear shaped. Admittedly I have only been here half a week but I am not exactly comfortable with the current arrangements.

The room explorer is getting there but a little on the big side so I am tweaking it to make it smaller.

Monday, July 7, 2003

# Cactus
CactusI thought long and hard and decided to leave my cactus plant of three years here in Bath. I took it out of the pot and replanted in the back garden among the bushes. Hopefully it will grow in strength from the new environment, as it's life has so far been stuck indoors either in a hot office or my bedroom. Hopefully I won't have to leave my yucca plant here but space in the car will be at a premium.

# Teenage bedrooms
In the Guardian today the G2 section is edited by 16 year olds. A feature they have is a look at their bedrooms. I am actually surprised at some of them because they look extremely neat, well organised with nice bits of furniture and expensive kit. One of the girls says:

'I love my room. It's a place to sit, sleep, brood and all the rest of it. Bedrooms are very personal - especially for teenagers, because, I think they reveal all those little habits that make up your true self'

How very true. That last bit almost reflects exactly my ideas for This Room Of Wonder. Unfortunately the feature is not on the Guardian website.

# Room Explorer
One important thing I found out from showing the site at the Submerge exhibition last week was that the Object Explorer and exploring the room felt very disconnected. People were sometimes very confused about the room exploration and didn't realise that you could roll over the room to find out more about the objects. The popup animations didn't help either. So I have started recreating that whole section in Flash. This may not add anything to what was already there (in fact it would probably most likely be larger in size and slower to download) but it will fit it better with the Object Explorer. It's going to be quite a big job as I go about building all the items in each of the sides and integrating it. The Room Explorer will be my new personal project even though my course is complete.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

# Retro suitcase
suitcaseNearly at the end of my packing for my iminent move. I am not a very good packer and most things are placed into flimsy cardboard boxes. I do have a nice old tan leather suitcase though, that I have filled with t-shirts. I think I probably have too many t-shirts. I mean a full suitcase just of t-shirts is a bit ridiculous. It does feel a bit more organised than cardboard boxes. The suitcase, I got from my parents who used it twenty odd years ago, feels good to use it.

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