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Room weblog archive August 2003

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

# Death of a Happy Squeeze
I don't think that some of my belongings are settling down in their new environment. My Happy Squeeze sack has burst and the tiny grains of rye are flowing out. At the moment I've stuck some sticky tape over the hole. It's not quite the same, maybe I should change the smiley face to a frown or permanently have it turned upside down.

Friday, August 1, 2003

# New Room Explorer
It's taken a while to do but I've finally got a Flash version of the Room Explorer up and running. There has been a few problems with it. Mainly to do with it being a little big. It's still not as small as it should be but it works better than the old way of viewing the room with it's pop ups. Have fun, you can now send me messages directly from the Room Explorer and view the animations within the thing.

I'll be tweaking it now and then, if I can make it better. If you have any problems with it then contact me. If it stops loading for a while it's because of my hosting provider.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

# This room of wonder has wandered off
It's been a while and the things in my room have been through a major overhaul mainly because I've moved to my new place. Agaiin a single room but in many ways more of a down turn compared to my previous 'Room of Wonder'. Smaller, less light, poor furnishings, really bad radio reception and modem speeds. I really do think my room organisation has gone pear shaped. Admittedly I have only been here half a week but I am not exactly comfortable with the current arrangements.

The room explorer is getting there but a little on the big side so I am tweaking it to make it smaller.

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