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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Wet but musical
I can't believe the incredibly wet weather we are having in Lancaster. You only had to be in the rain for about 10 seconds before it soaked you to the skin. I used my umbrella for the first time in almost a year. The funny thing when I caught the bus, the driver drove as close as possible to the pavement causing a massive splashes all the way up to the Univerisity. I don't think he managed to splash anyone walking by. I wasn't even sure as to if he was doing it intentionally or it's jus the way he usually drives.

Thankfully there is only one more week of the train disruptions to endure. Might be able to go to Manchester without it taking more than two hours.

Current things that are worth listening to are : Death Cab For Cutie's Transalanticism, Air's Talkie Walkie album is quite soundtracky and makes for good background music. There's the My Morning Jacket albums which I think are damn fine. If you go over to Digital Club Network you can watch some full length live videos. There's loads of other stuff like some great doo-wop after I watched the Channel Four documentary The Voice. Radio 1 had a good 2 hour documentary on Domino Records on the ever brilliant One World show, shame it's on so late, I keep falling asleep. They only have the current show available for listening. They really should have archives. Okay that's enough music for now. I could go on about some of the new Badly Drawn Boy tracks too.

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Friday, January 23, 2004
The hope of states was yet to come
I mentioned last year about how talented musicans always seem to die young when Elliott Smith died last year. Well today I heard that James Lawrence out of the band Hope Of The States has died in a recording studio in Bath. I brought their first two singles and whilst the music was excellent, I thought the packaging was brilliant and mailed the guy who did them. It doesn't seem clear as to why he died. Anyway a sad loss. Was looking forward to the album.

James Lawrence obituary

Seems like I start the new year on a sad note, that's Chinese New Year by the way which was yesterday. No doubt there will be loud celebrations on Sunday like in London China Town. Wrap up with the cold snap coming.

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Friday, January 16, 2004
Moving all the way round the corner
So having moved again in the past week I am slowly settling into a more natural routine of waking up and going to work at a decent time. There are no screaming kids about, I have a warmer room and there is a nice cat. All of which is very pleasant. Only real problem is that I have so much stuff I don't have anywhere to store it now. The main thing is that I am pretty much self-sufficient with everything from cutlery to my own duvet but not the kitchen sink. Now that most things are being supplied to me there is no need to have it hanging around. I've even got all the equipment for ADSL routing yet I don't have access to the Internet in my new place anymore. No real loss as it makes me focus more when doing things and not spend a lot of time messing around or being distracted.

Anyway I'm feeling much better about my new place especially having just organised my MP3 discs. Now I might be able to listen to more songs that I haven't heard in a while. Hoping that I don't have to move again soon but as always that could change in no time.

Noticed that the new series of ER has just come onto E4, can't wait for Channel Four to start showing them. The only real excuse to watch TV, that and all those diverse range of documentaries with great names being shown (I mean Pissed on the job, how did they ever get the word pissed on there?).

So a trip to to Manchester that usually takes just over an hour is going to take two hours tomorrow. The lines are being upgraded so part of the journey is by bus. Not looking forward to four hours of travelling. Although First Northwestern are often touted as being very poor for their service, they haven't been too bad on the route I take. Hopefully the upgrades will be worth it in the long term.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Saving paper
In this digital age lots of people like myself still buy newspapers. I for one don't want to read a whole paper through a web browser. The other thing is that most online edition of newspapers lack all the peripheral elements of a newspaper page like the accompanying images, the adverts etc. However The Guardian & Observer has a a forthcoming digital version of the paper. By this I mean an exact scan of the paper as you would get if you brought it in the shop. Although you will have to pay it's free for the moment so go have a look - The Guardian Digital Edition. The possibilities of this are brilliant, let say someone tells you about an advert from the paper from a few days ago, you could go online and have a look. I don't buy the paper everyday but I could still keep up with Steve Bell's if.. . The ability to print off the paper as it was also makes it very useful too. The only limitation I guess would be how much it would cost and how long they keep the archive for.

Regardless I know if I was living abroad I would pay. I wonder if other papers are doing the same thing? Online versions of the Sun, Star, Daily Mail, News of the World anyone?

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Monday, January 5, 2004
Happy New Year
Blimey I've become really lazy about this blog. First entry for weeks. I am not making any New Years resolutions to update it more frequently though.

It's probably the first time that there was no 'incidents' at home while I was there over Christmas. All quiet and pretty peaceful. I managed the usual eating too much but not drinking a lot, tidied up a little and listened to a lot of music (but no records as I couldn't be bothered setting up my record player), went to Electric Chair and saw Norman Jay DJ a storming set, gave my dad some computing lessons, made record sleeves, took lots of lomographs, started packing for my imminent move and caught up on sleep. Can't think if this is any different from my normal days off. I think I just didn't have to spend as much money.

First day back to work, it's still as quiet as ever (until the students return next week).

Best record I heard over Christmas Cody ChestnuTT's The Headphone Masterpiece, some weird and wonderful tracks that cross multiple genres recorded by himself. They are soulful and funny but maybe the album should have been cut down to one as some of the tracks did just go by me. The video to 'Look Good In Leather' is brilliant though.

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