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Monday, December 20, 2004

If I forget, which I will
Althought it's not quite the end of the year yet and I still haven't listened to all the records I've purchased, downloaded this year, I'd better stick this list up now before I forget.

So here are some of my favourite records/tracks I've heard this year. My memory is so bad there are loads I have probably missed out from early this year and plenty of songs I've got from band websites. I get confused as to when I records too so that the years just merge into each other.

  • Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Vol 4. - By far my favourite album of this year. Songs with a real soul heart. As with the other three volumes Dave Godin has superior judgement choosing these tracks, Doris Duke with 'I Don't Care Anymore' and Bob and Earl's 'Don't Ever Leave Me' a highlight

  • Sufjan Stevens - White Swan/Michigan albums. Brilliant delicate songs.

  • Bettye Swann - Compilation of fabulous tracks by someone I had heard little of, probably said the same thing of the Candi Staton compilation last year (was it last year?). If the Honest Jons compilations keep on coming I'll be happy

  • Badly Drawn Boy - One plus One is One LP, may have got a mixed reaction but Damon is on form with songs like 'This Is That New Song', 'Year Of The Rat', 'Four Leaf Clover' and 'Holy Grail'

  • Jack Cooper - Turn The Light Off 7", a great debut from this singer/songwriter

  • Adem - Homesongs LP, a fantastic set of songs blending folk and bits of electronica. May have even surpassed his Fridge bandmate Kieren Hebden's Fourtet

  • Lorretta Lynn - Van Leer Rose LP, it's not all about Jack White, Lynn is brilliant hitting the high notes

  • Uncollected Galaxie 500 compilation - Great set of demos and unreleased tracks from this band that sound like no other

  • Graham Coxon - Feeling Right/Freakin' Out 7", catchy lo-fi pop with anger

  • The Earlies - These Were The.... LP, at last an album by this lot after all those limited releases. Many I've heard before but as an LP they work even better, especially with such beautiful ilustrations and packaging

  • Stephen Fretwell - Again a long overdue LP. Beautiful haunting songs that don't contain any unnecessary over production

  • Mundane Music - EP1, released right at the beginning of the year on my label by my friend Steve Mundane, I love all my releases but this was a highlight.

  • Kings of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street LP, I don't know why there is a re-recorded Surprise Ice is here, I thought it was on the first album. Certainly it has been released a few years ago. Although a few songs are not entirely satisfying, it's still beautiful, especially the opener 'Homesick'

  • The Concretes - s/t LP, noted these Swedish group more for doing a cover of 'Just Locals' than there dreamy-like pop. Since I released a record by the rather unknown Bear Quartet this year

  • Hope Of The States - I've not heard the album but the singles have been magnificent

Other than that I've listened to lot's of WMFU compilations as opposed to the station itself having lost my high speed internet connection. If I am being serious, this is the first year I've spent more time taking photographs and doing photography related stuff than sit down and listen to music. Hope to address this imbalance next year.

RIP Dave Godin, John Peel.

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