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To pen the le pen
I started reverting back to the way I used to blog, which is to write everything in my text editor when I think of it and then post it later. So I started doing this and then I just didn't have time to post it which I guess is silly but at least I wrote something down. Anyway here are my notes from three days ago.

Today (refering to yesterday(now refering to Monday)) I read one best news articles written by a broadsheet. For some reason the front page article on the Guardian on the far right Jean-Marie Le Pen's arrival to Manchester really made me smile and laugh out loud on the train. The reporting by Emma Brockes was pure brilliance, all done with a style of the reporter Kurt Clausen from one of my favourite books Begin To Exit Here almost reminiscent of the KKK chapter in there. Really straight forward reporting of the facts but written in such a way that it emphasised the whole farcical nature of not just the BNP and the far-right but the whole day. Convening at the Office World car park near Disbury where sunday shoppers and the store manager got a bit peeved off with the gathering journalists and BNP members.

Things I really liked:

  • Two children carrying a dog basket emerged from a pet shop hissed "idiots" - it wasn't clear to whom - while a clergywoman in a dog collar arrived carrying a banner reading Manchester Against Racism.

  • An elderley woman wandering through the riot outside the hotel looking for an advertised antiques fair. Asked for her views on the BNP she said, sensibly: "I've got no views at all".

  • The whole banter between the BNP and the anti-racism protestors, such as "facist" and "communist"!

I'm not saying the whole issue is laughable but in the day an age where everything is taken so seriously (and these issues should be), it's refreshing to get writing that isn't so dry and just a matter of fact.

Read it your self here Le Pen shares platform with the BNP.