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You'll be a legend in your time
Blimey I'm knackered from working on my paid and voluntary work. Spending a whole weekend working on a website when you work on websites the rest of the week can be a bit of development overkill and really turn you off it. At least this coming weekend I will be having a little break in Glasgow so no way will I be laying a finger on a keyboard unless something really insane happens and I need to access the Internet. My record label is so behind I need to kick start it again when I come back.

Anyway finally found out what the soundtrack to the VW Golf commercial is, my friend did a Shazam on it and it cam back with an untitled track by LFO/Aphex Twin. Now that was fine but didn't really help as I thought it might be a white label thing but I just heard it in my iTunes player where I have it as a remix called Simon From Sidney/Untitled. I thought I had heard it before. My memory is terrible but then again work PC has 6 days work of continuous music on it so that's a lot of listening.