Edward Jung

Design engineer


A long standing Design Engineer within the Chrome UX team I have deep experience of tackling large scale design problems across the Chrome browser platforms. I bridge the gap between interaction design and Chrome engineering working closely with designers, researchers and product managers.

Coming from a web development background I primarily use code to explore, research and develop ideas from design to prototyping. I have been known to occasionally ship code into the Chromium codebase.

I have had a hand in the design and development of the media player, loading indicators on mobile and desktop, menu design.


Initiated research and insight into the 'too many tabs' problem. An integral part of the team who designed many of the productivity improvements in the tab strip on desktop Chrome, including hovercards, tab groups and tab scrolling.


Redefining the way permissions communications are handled and presented in the browser. Using ML models to auto block abusive perimssions requests. Moving away from intrusive and annoying request models for a clearer user experience.

Interstitials & dino

Responsible for the cross platform design and implementation of the network error pages and safe browsing security interstitials.

Co-created the much loved and often copied Chrome dino easter egg runner game that appears on the offline interstitial. Over the years I have introduced upgrades and special one off editions.


Experienced front end web developer.

Google Webmaster

Former global front end developer lead on Chrome OS and Chrome product sites targeting consumers, education and business markets localised into 50+ languages. Responsible for developing responsive sites frequently with complex interactions and integrations. I developed and delivered internal workshops / presentations for mobile testing, high DPI image serving and responsive design.

Shelter Web Developer

For over 6 years, I worked on projects for all divisions within housing and homelessness charity Shelter – from campaigns and fundraising to policy, legal and training – to design and develop effective web materials. As well as playing a major role in the launching of major fundraising initatives and campaigns, I also initiated projects to improve site performance through optimising JS and CSS load times.


Mancunian, based in London. Partner to an upholsterer and father to two boys. Analog (and digital) point and shoot camera afficiando. A fan of wood working, modernist architecture, eco housing, blue skies, independent record labels and Brompton bicycles. Collector of unexceptional moments.

Long term inspiration